Trading 60 Seconds Binary Options

60 second binary trading is the newest method of trading and it offers the expiration period of a minute. From the time it was introduced, this option has become too popular and there are many trading brokers who offer this trading option to their customers.

This trading option is not a good option for every trader. The trader should be careful on how he approaches the money management and should have the ability of spotting trading opportunity as they take place.  With clear trading plan together with the right market conditions, the traders of 60 second options can be able to make substantial profit in the shortest period.

Before you start trading with 60 seconds options, there are few factors that you need to keep in mind.  You have to be familiar with the trading platform that you are joining. It is not advised to place your money on the platform that you have never tested before.

sixty seconds trading

You should start by learning how to close, to open and to adjust the trades. Afterwards, you should test the efficiency of the platform. You need to be sure that a platform is able to execute the trade at the right time and on the price you want. If you are not sure of this, even a small movement in the price can become costly and it can erode the money you have in the trading account. You should do your test using a demo account so that the money is not wasted for nothing.

Other areas that you need to consider are the parameters you use while trading and which makes the basis of the trades.  You need to decide first about the assets that you wish to trade with, if it is index, commodity, currency and stock.  Learn how to recognize the expected direction of the price if it will decrease or if it will increase.

After this you should decide what strike price you are going to choose or total trading size which is the amount found at a certain trading position. You need to think about all these parameters before you start to trade since it not possible to change the position if you are using 60 seconds binary options.

60 second binary trading is the fastest method that you can be able to make the profits using a trading system. However, you should also know that it is also possible to make losses faster.  This is why with this trade, risk management is important.  A positive aspect of this option is to trade using an increment of at least 10 dollars for every trade.

This will allow you to curb the risk in the moving markets that are much faster.  A general rule is that you should not use over 2 percent of the trading account in one position at a time and this is even true if you are trading with 60 seconds options.

sixty seconds trading 2

Before the binary options had different sorts of the expiry periods which were from 5 minutes up to the end of a week or at the end of a month. For the people who wish to be too active in the market, they should use 60 seconds binary options.  Because such options expires in only a minute, a trader has the ability of doing hundreds of trades in just one day and this means that with a small amount used to trade at each time, you are able to lose or to make money every day.

To trade with 60 seconds options, it is like trading with traditional options. If you think that the price will increase, you buy call option and if you think that it will decrease, you buy put option.  When you make a correct prediction, you will be able to win a payout that has been pre-determined and most of the time it is over 60 to 70 percentage of the money you traded with.  When you have chosen a wrong position, you lose the amount that you had placed on a trade.

The advantage of 60 second binary trading is to be able to trade as many times as you wish.  In the theory, you are able to make the trade as faster as you can click on your mouse.  This makes it easy to take advantage of the short term opportunities as they are being made available.


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Common Scams in Binary Options

Binary options gained a lot of popularity due to their high profit rate and this is one of the reasons that binary option scams come into existence. This is the niche which has a great potential for unethical activities and fraud. The binary options work on a simple principle that you will either get a premium or you will get nothing.

You will find many brokers that will provide you with false details and will trick you to lose money via fraudulent activities. Due to such practices, many organizations such as FIA and ASIC  has introduced a minimum set of rules and regulations that all financial brokers must follow.

cs2Still, there are some financial brokers that have found some loop holes in the system and they scam you in different ways and this cause traders a lot of money. A trader that is new to system is prone to such frauds and they should make a thorough research about the binary options and the scams related to the process; before making large trades.

Binary options are risky and the trader should not place a large trade; which is only based on their sixth sense. You will find some common scams and fraudulent activities carried out by the brokers in the article:

Downplaying the risk of Binary Options

It is very important that the financial broker gives all the information regarding the binary options to the customer. Most financial brokers only discuss the pros of the trade; leaving out the cons in the process. In this way, many people are scammed even before they start the trade and pursue the trading business without any proper knowledge and information of the risk involved.

The financial brokers make false assurances to the clients and give them false hopes of earning a huge amount of money every week. An individual who has just started trading binary options can easily be scammed by such individuals. The best way to protect yourself from scams is doing a research before starting with a broker. See this BinaryTilt Review for a example of a legit broker.

Binary Option Scam involving Privacy Breach

Cold Calling is the new trend among the financial brokers. Imagine yourself sitting in your home and the phone rings. The person on the phone presents you with an impeccable offer that will give you 80% return by investing very little in binary options. As a person who has not traded in the binary options, you will be thrilled to hear about such return on small investment and will want to hear more.

Such brokers buy stolen or leaked databases and contact random people and scam them.  You should try not to discuss any trade offers with the company you did not sign up for.

Loop holes in the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions is the way to legalize the website or process by every organization. These terms and conditions put the traders and the brokers into an agreement. However, hidden terms and conditions are a common way to scamming people. Some websites use hidden terms and conditions to scam people.

cs1There are many websites that have been shut down to the loop holes found in their terms and conditions. A common example of such scams is that some websites do not allow withdrawals a month after the last deposit. Such practices are unethical and considered as the biggest scam in this industry.

Managed Accounts

Many binary options brokers offers personalized accounts to their customers in which they oversee all the trading and make them feel special. This practice can lead to many scams and fraudulent activities and when you are giving the access of your own account to another person; you cannot hold anyone accountable for the loss you suffer. So, make sure that you take financial advice but make the trades by yourself.

Bonuses and refusal to make withdrawal

Bonus terms and conditions are one of the most frequent scams we encounter. It is a common practice for brokers to offer bonuses to the customers but the main thing is that the brokers do not offer correct information regarding the bonuses and does not give all the information regarding bonuses in fine print. So, you should ask for the bonus information from the broker when starting the trade.

The verification process is very difficult in some trading websites. They allow you to make deposits without any verification but require special verification to make withdrawals. The procedure of the withdrawal should be made clear for every trader.

Some websites do not offer withdrawals until you make payments in the last month. Such practices hinders the process of trading and you should make sure that the company you are trading with; has proper terms and conditions.

These are the most common ways that brokers scam the people and these scams can be avoided when the people work with extreme care. You should make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the website before you start trading with them.

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